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Once again we returned to this beautiful place. Las Islas is to us what we all would hope heaven to be. Calm, tranquil, tranquil sound of trickling water with ever so soft mood music in the background. All this is served up with a caring personal service.

The Twist - here you need to know your walnuts from your hazelnuts and your hazelnuts from your almonds! Otherwise, you may get a ticking off from the otherwise gentle caring man that is the proprietor. He has a quirky/mysterious sense of humour (or is he really being serious) all of which his guests take with a pinch of salt and a sense of fun.

This is a family run Boutique Hotel with a luxurious feel given by Omar, his wife Muna and their family ably backed up their right hand man Jose all of whom work tirelessly to make the guests feel at home. Salvador keeps the lush gardens looking beautiful and the other members of Staff keeping the wheels of luxury and calm well oiled.

Most of us appreciate this mysterious and sometimes inscrutable humour, so, we will read up on the proper name for nuts (+drinks) and be back for more next year.

Relax – No Stress!

Susan & Vincent